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Bicycle Plan
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Region 2000 Bicycle Plan

Creating a Connection Vision

Bicycle use on the road network is an appropriate, expected, and legal transportation mode.  Any road, unless specifically prohibited by law such as limited access interstate, can be used by a cyclist as a means of transportation.  The Region 2000 Bicycle Plan has been developed to facilitate the development of a bicycle transportation network that encourages and supports bicycling as a safe and effective alternative transportation mode to access resources located within the Region 2000 area.  Region 2000 is located in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and includes an area comprised of the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell and the independent cities of Bedford and Lynchburg. 

The Region 2000 Bicycle Plan articulates a vision to develop alternative transportation connections to access community destinations.  In doing so, the plan outlines the bicycle connection network vision and goals, provides an overview of the different bicycle accommodation types, summarizes strategies  that can be used to accommodate for bicycle facilities,  presents a current snapshot of the current conditions and opportunities for cyclists, provides an inventory of community resources and assets, and details a vision connection plan and implementation strategy to assist in creating an alternative transportation network that encourages and supports the bicycling  needs of local citizens and area visitors.

The bicycle network presented within the Region 2000 Bicycle Plan is based on available data and serves as preliminary recommendations.  More comprehensive road analysis that considers such features as sight distance and any other physical features that have bearing on on-road facility development are beyond the scope of this planning document.

The Region 2000 Bicycle Plan was developed through funding provided by the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council.  The Plan was adopted by the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization (CVMPO) and the Region 2000 Local Government Council on October 1, 2010.

To view the Region 2000 Bicycle Plan click on the plan components below.

Cover and Table of Contents
Acknowledgments and Executive Summary
Chapter 1:  Introduction
Chapter 2:  Components of a Bicycle Facility Network
Chapter 3:  Existing Conditions
Chapter 4:  CVMPO Bicycle Plan Recommendations 
Chapter 5:  Implementation and Funding
Appendix A:  VDOT Geometric Bicycle Design Standards
Appendix B:  VDOT Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations
Appendix C:  Region 2000 Bicycle Survey and Survey Results
Appendix D:  Region 2000 Bicycle Plan Road Characteristics
Appendix E:  Region 2000 Jurisdiction Bicycle Plan Maps
Appendix F:  Virginia's Safe Routes to School Program
Appendix G:  Bicycle and Pedestiran Planning & Development Resources
Appendix H:  Alternative Transportation Funding Sources Available to VA Localities (VTRC 06-R17) Bibliography

Region 2000 Bicycle Plan – Locality Connection Maps

  • Entire Region 2000 Bicycle Plan Map – Click Here
  • Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Area Bicycle Plan Map– Click Here
  • City of Lynchburg Bicycle Plan – Click Here
  • Amherst County Bicycle Plan Map – Click Here
  • Appomattox County Bicycle Plan Map – Click Here
  • Bedford County Bicycle Plan Map – Click Here
  • Campbell County Bicycle Plan Map – Click Here

If you have questions or comments about the Region 2000 Bicycle Plan please contact Kelly Hitchcock, Senior Planner at:  khitchcock@region2000.org or at 434-845-3491.