Virginias Region 2000 is 2000 square miles of collaboration, innovation, and productivity in Central Virginia.
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Hiking and Biking Trails

Appalachian Trail—549 miles of the two-thousand-mile-long Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia — and 25 miles run right through Region 2000 in Amherst County.

Blackwater Creek—This paved, waterside trail system winds through the City of Lynchburg. (For a more challenging experience, hikers and bikers can find rougher terrain on marked trails “off the beaten path.”)

George Washington and Jefferson National Forests—With elevations ranging from 600 – 6,000 feet, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests would give any experienced hiker or biker a challenge. Located in Bedford County and extending through the Blue Ridge and Southern Appalachian Mountains, this stretch of the landscape is home to more than 160 types of birds.

Liberty Mountain Trail System —The Liberty Mountain System consists of over 65 miles of single and double track trails and logging roads spanning approximately 5,000 acres. The mountain rises to over 1,360 feet and offers cross country and gravity-fed trails for both hiking and mountain biking.

The Peaks of Otter—The Peaks of Otter are two adjacent mountain peaks (reaching to heights of approximately 5,000 feet) located in Bedford County and surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest. Trails at the Peaks range from less than a mile to more than four miles (including mountain summit trails).

Percival’s Island—This blacktop hiking/biking trail extends from Lynchburg’s Blackwater Creek Trail, crossing the railroad trestle onto Percival’s Isle from Lynchburg. It traverses the island for about one mile along an old railroad bed. The trail continues across the James River on another trestle, and continues along the James River in Amherst County for another 11 miles. This is a beautiful scenic walk or bike ride through an historical area.