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Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Studies

The Local Government Council is working with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ, and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, DCR, in the development of a number of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) projects for impaired or “dirty” stream segments located in the Region 2000 area. The affected streams were identified on Virginia’s 303(D) list of impaired waters as impaired due to violations of Virginia’s water quality standards. As such DEQ and DCR have lead the development of studies an plans, through partnership with citizens and local and other state agencies, in the development of plans to restore and maintain water quality in these identified steams. These plans are called Total Maximum Daily Loads or TMDLs. A TMDL represents the total pollutant amount that a waterbody can hold and still meet water quality standards.

Two Virginia firms, Engineering Concepts Incorporated, ECI, and Map Tech, Incorporated have been hired by the Local Government Council to develop the scientific modeling and assessments for these water quality studies. 

To learn more about each of these projects, how local citizens can provide input and comment of these important local resource protection initiatives, and learn what is happening with these Region 2000 water quality studies or general TMDL information click on the following links or contacts provided below.

James River Watershed – The Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load Development for the James River Basin

Falling River Watershed – The Falling River Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan


Links for Additional Information

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality - TMDLs in Virginia

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation - Soil and Water Conservation Programs

Environmental Protection Agency - Virginia TMDL Program



David Lazarus
Department of Environmental Quality
Office of Watershed Programs
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-698-4299
Fax: 804-698-4116
Email: dslazarus@deq.virginia.gov

Charlie Lunsford
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
203 Governor Street, Suite 206
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-786-2064
Fax: 804-786-1798
Email: charles.lunsford@dcr.virginia.gov

Kelly Hitchcock
Region 2000 Local Government Council
828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24505
Phone: 434-845-5678 ext. 218
Fax: 434-845-3493
Email: khitchcock@region2000.org

Last updated 9/11/07